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Profile: adam16660
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male, 21 years old, Hamilton
Latest status: I just scored 3 mins 29.0 secs in the The Bar Hang Challenge (09/11/2012 10:13 PM)

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  • AndyWeaver: Nice challenge, way to get your friends motivated. (03:25 PM, 19 Apr 2014)
  • AndyWeaver: Nice challenge, I will give it a go today. (02:56 PM, 06 Apr 2014)
  • AndyWeaver: You should post a video to demonstrate. I don't know of many who will have access to parallel bars at the right height. It seems a standard pull-up bar would work fine unless I am missing something. Will try it at the gym this afternoon to demonstrate. (03:31 PM, 02 Apr 2014)
  • AndyWeaver: Challenge says from waist to overhead is one rep, everyone is doing shoulder to overhead??? (03:51 PM, 14 Feb 2014)
  • TeamKonkura: Where's Cable Street? Might be worth including this info in the description! (11:36 PM, 26 Jan 2014)
  • AndyWeaver: Best I could translate this is "who can run the fastest 1 kilometer. It will challenge heart and lungs." (03:12 PM, 26 Jan 2014)
  • AndyWeaver: My red wine is a net positive health benefit, so I'm out of this one. Good challenge though. (02:49 PM, 31 Dec 2013)
  • AndyWeaver: K-bellDell is clearly the champ, screwed up scoring. Awesome video proof too. (11:30 PM, 28 Dec 2013)
  • AndyWeaver: Nice challenge, I may copy the idea and make a pull-up challenge for 2014 to start January 1 open to all ages. (03:00 PM, 27 Dec 2013)
  • AndyWeaver: Would like to do this at the gym but I belong to a crossfit gym so no cable rows are possible. Should offer a substitute like Australian pullups. (03:04 PM, 17 Dec 2013)
  • AndyWeaver: I think I am ready to try 2 dozen. (04:28 PM, 05 Dec 2013)
  • AndyWeaver: Well done Todd, my new goal is 100 hope to try again soon. (04:24 PM, 05 Dec 2013)
  • AndyWeaver: Doesn't seem to be weight adjusted. (02:38 PM, 05 Dec 2013)
  • AndyWeaver: What is this? (02:34 PM, 05 Dec 2013)
  • AndyWeaver: Will try this with a 16kg kettlebell as I have plates in pounds and nothing close to 15kg. I can only bench 80kg but am good for 27 chins. No idea about plate hold time. (03:46 PM, 24 Nov 2013)
  • AndyWeaver: Disappointed that no one posted a video of thrir effort. (08:07 PM, 22 Nov 2013)
  • AndyWeaver: Turkey trot is coming up, will do the 10k and post results. (02:38 PM, 20 Nov 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Currently in training for the Anglesey Ultra Marathon in January. Already dreading the potential weather implications of the "in January" part of that equation! (09:47 AM, 14 Nov 2013)
  • AndyWeaver: I don't see how this is at all different than the recent 30 day plank challenge, it too had a long as possible on final day. (02:18 AM, 07 Nov 2013)
  • AndyWeaver: Nice challenge, volume even at the end is reasonable. I will join but going to wait until my other 30 day push-up challenge is over, too many concurrent challenges were starting to make me dread my mornings. (02:27 PM, 27 Oct 2013)

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