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Profile: jbass1213
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male, 53 years old, North Carolina, United States
Latest status: I just scored 680 in the MRSS Get Fit 30 Day Squat Challenge Plus (04:13 AM, 19 Apr 2017)

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  • TeamKonkura: Barnardos have places in the 2014 Berlin Marathon, starting and finishing near the world-famous Brandenburg Gate, and with the chance to train with double Olympic Decathlon champion Daley Thompson! If you think you can raise £900, get in touch with them. (10:21 PM, 13 Aug 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Article 25 are a small registered UK charity who design, build and manage projects to provide shelter in disaster areas, and to those living in poverty. They have worked on over 60 projects with partner NGOs in 22 countries. They are looking for runners to take part in Run to the Beat 2013, London's music half marathon on 8th September. If you think you can raise at least £250 of sponsorship, please get in touch with Bridie Lavender, Bridie-Lavender@article-25.org (08:13 PM, 03 Jul 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Friends of the Children Myanmar charity are looking for fundraising runners to enter the British 10K (link ). Check it out if you want to run for them... (08:43 PM, 20 Jun 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Thanks Yvonne, appreciate your support! (10:14 PM, 29 May 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Hey Toshy, great to have you back on board and blasting the challenges (09:26 AM, 07 May 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Well done all London Marathon runners - "enjoy" your recovery!!! (09:33 PM, 21 Apr 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Good luck to all Konkura members running the London Marathon. If you achieve a PB, why not compare with others' fastest times at link (11:26 AM, 21 Apr 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Check out Konkura on your mobile - mobile site now live, so you can easily access your challenges and post scores on the move (06:59 PM, 13 Apr 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: So what's Lance Armstrong going to say tonight then? If he can talk his way out of this one, he should become a hostage negotiator! (11:50 PM, 17 Jan 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Good idea simonp83 - doing any challenge regularly is going to drive you up the leaderboard, but I think that's particularly true of this challenge (10:34 PM, 09 Jan 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: What's your New Years' Fitness Resolution? The Konkura Team: Dinosaur to lose a stone in weight, DanGeorge15 to get a positive score in the Are You Fit Enough to Join the Royal Marines Challenge, and Worthster to get picked as the Mens Fitness Cover Model for 2013!!! Why not let us know your fitness goals for 2013 for the Konkura newsletter? (10:30 PM, 09 Jan 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Merry Christmas from the Konkura Team. Looking forward to a fit and competitive 2013 (11:23 AM, 25 Dec 2012)
  • TeamKonkura: Chris Froome to lead Team Sky's challenge in 2013 Tour de France as course is better suited to him than to Bradley Wiggins (11:31 PM, 27 Nov 2012)
  • TeamKonkura: Everyone get on the SPOTY2012 challenge - who do you think should be Sports Personality of the Year? (11:06 PM, 27 Nov 2012)
  • TeamKonkura: New Konkura homepage now live! Let us know what you think (15/11/2012 08:18 AM)
  • TeamKonkura: Looking forward to Tough Mudder North West UK this Saturday. If you see us, say hi (or lend a hand getting over that damn skateboard ramp!) (13/11/2012 11:37 PM)
  • TeamKonkura: Getting very excited - complete re-design of Konkura on its way soon. It's going to be a massive improvement. Check out link or follow us @konkura to see the lines we're going down. Hope you all love it! (19/07/2012 07:10 AM)
  • TeamKonkura: Seova score has been reset. (08:52 AM, 02 Jun 2012)
  • TeamKonkura: Seova score has been reset due to it being unbelievably high without any video evidence. (08:51 AM, 02 Jun 2012)
  • TeamKonkura: Shoulder press is standing but can be barbell or dumbell (combined weight if latter). Score is the minimum weight you use in completing the 3 sets - so if you start off too heavy and can't complete without dropping your weight, it's the lowest weight you use. Can't do much about the lat pull down resistance, but surely it won't make much difference? (03:17 PM, 28 Jul 2011)

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