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Rory Coleman - Performance Coach I became a Personal Trainer because my extensive running career gave me a unique USP within the fitness industry - to date I have run over 750 marathons, 180 ultra marathons and have 9 Guinness World Records for treadmill running and completed the Marathon des Sables (the World's Toughest Footrace 9 times).

My Performance Coach clients come to me from across the UK and also from overseas. Clients range from elite GBR athletes to those seeking a simple fitness goal from an unhealthy lifestyle. I also design bespoke training plans and gym programming and coach at distance using skype.

I've train celebrity clients including BBC Blue Peter's, Helen Skelton to run the Namibia 24 Hour Desert Race. Following 76 days of intense training with me she finished in 8th position. My Performance Coaching can help you achieve your own personal best.


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As a personal trainer and elite endurance athlete with over 750 marathons, 180 ultra marathons and 9 Guinness World Reco...

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Rory Coleman: I’m a Running Performance Coach for anyone wanting to be their Personal Best from half-marathon, mar...