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Fitness challenges and Competitions for TCC employees all across the country

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Club Challenges 6

As many Push ups as you can in 2 minutes!

In this Challenge do as many push ups as you can in just 2 minutes. For each push up to count as 1 rep, you must bend at the elbow 90 degrees on each push up. For this one you need a counter to count ...
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Run, Row, Strength Triathlon!

The Triathlon 3 events are: #1 half mile run for time, #2 500 meter row for time, and #3 50 rep squat 20 rep pull up(Men) inverted pull up(women) 50 rep push up for time. You must complete all three e...
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Farmers Carry Challenge

This Challenge involves walking with dumbbells for as long as you can without dropping them! guys are carrying 60lb dumbbells and the ladies are carrying 30lb dumbbells for as long as they can! rememb...
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2 minute Burpee Challenge

In this challenge try to do as many burpees as you can in 2 minutes!! Your chest does not need to hit the floor in down position!
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Big 50 Challenge

In the big 50 challenge you must complete 50 reps of each exercise back to back for time, exercises can be in any order you choose! Exercises are 50 chest dips, 50 pull ups (inverted pull up for women...
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Longest wall sit challenge

For the longest wall sit challenge you must wall sit maintaining 90 degrees bend at the knees for as long as you can! Good luck and feel the burn!!!
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1 toriadachi toriadachi
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2 Aimeehittinger Aimeehittinger
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3 adflorea adflorea
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1 ajmartin ajmartin
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2 mcornett mcornett
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3 ahancart ahancart
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4 RynewtonTCCrocks RynewtonTCCrocks
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5 Clance Clance
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