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MRSS Get Fit Team

We at Masco Retail Sales Support are trying to promote health and wellness for the betterment of our lives and we feel getting our team members to join challenges is a good way to accomplish this.

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Club News:

  • Clint21 posted: Check out the new Logo our very own Jeff Hill created. Thanks Jeff, and great job! (03:14 AM, 28 Jan 2017)
  • Clint21 posted: I know most of us can do more than 10 push ups and even 20 or more on these first few days, but I have a feeling the contests asks to stick to that specific number for a reason each day, so don't over do it the first week or two, or it may hurt you in the long run. (04:11 PM, 17 Jan 2017)
  • Clint21 posted: Jeff Hill is currently working on a Get Fit Logo to replace the MASCO one above. (10:57 PM, 16 Jan 2017)
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  • Clint21 posted: Glad to see all of you joining in. I am still in contact with Konkura and trying to get the push-up challenge added to our private group, but you can still do the 30 day push-up challenge without it just join the challenge and log your results. Hopefully I will have it added to our private community soon though. (07:43 PM, 16 Jan 2017)
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Club Challenges 3

MRSS Get Fit 30 Day Push-up Challenge

The 30 Day Push-up Challenge is aimed at all levels of fitness and is a great way to tone and strengthen your chest, shoulders, triceps and torso area. The challenge involves completing the stated num...
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MRSS Get Fit 30 Day Plank Challenge

The 30 Day Plank Challenge follows in the footsteps of the Squat Challenge, and will send your core strength through the roof! In this advanced challenge you follow the original 30 Day Plank Challeng...
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MRSS Get Fit 30 Day Squat Challenge Plus

Are you ready for some lower body burn??? Well, this 30 day squat challenge is for you. 30 days of continuous squats with rest on every 4th day. I have manually went in and put the date out beside ...
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