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Konkura - The Social Network for Sport and Fitness Challenges

About Konkura

Konkura is a social network where you challenge yourself and the community at a huge and growing range of sport and fitness activities, workouts, training drills and skill challenges.

Konkura motivates you to exercise harder and train smarter by comparing your performance with other users, exchanging training tips and mutual encouragement, and ultimately achieve new personal bests.

Konkura is a social network for anyone who wants to get fitter, faster, stronger, more skillful...just plain better!

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The Team

Dr Phil Worthington - Founder
Developer and Strategist. Former university rower, now keeps fit running, going to the gym & playing football badly. Completed first two marathons a pair of Tough Mudders in 2012.
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Ian Worthington - Director
Social Networking guru, keen amateur bodybuilder and all-round sportsman. "Wants to see konkura.com become the sport and fitness revolution of 2013".
Konkura Profile : Worthster

Dan George - Digital Director
User Experience Designer and Online Marketing specialist. Keen footballer and loves gadgets. "Wants Konkura.com to eventually sponsor a sports team. Interested? Give us a shout."
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Information for users

Personal Fitness Trainers

Learn how Konkura.com is being used to extend Personal Training business models across the globe.

Konkura.com guide for Personal Trainers (PDF)

Request your own Personal Trainer Channel on konkura.com

Sports Clubs or Teams

Help organise and motivate training by introducing friendly competition amongst club or team members.

Find out more about motivating training by building training programs on konkura.com

Gyms and Health Clubs

Help make your clients' training more fun and motivational, increasing their enjoyment and helping you to recruit and retain clients.

Find out more about konkura.com working alongside your Gym or Health Club


Are you a charity that runs sports-related fundraising activities? Then Konkura can help by providing you with a platform to engage and enthuse your target audience through exciting sport, fitness or fun challenges.

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