Welcome to Konkura - the home of sport, fitness and exercise challenges!

Konkura is a friendly community where you can meet and compete with people with similar sport and exercise interests, motivating your training and pushing your performance to new levels.

Whatever your sport and fitness goals, and whatever your ability level, Konkura has challenges for you. From simple tests of speed, strength, skill or endurance, to complete workouts - any activity or combination of activities can become a Konkura challenge.

Never get bored with your training again

Keep your training fresh and varied, benchmark your performance and have fun by taking part in new challenges against new people. Exchange training tips, fitness knowledge and banter with your fellow competitors. You'll be amazed by the difference a little friendly rivalry will make to your motivation!

Joining challenges is easy

To take part in a Konkura challenge, just do whatever activities it involves, then post your score to see how you rank compared to other competitors. Not happy with your position? You know what to do: train harder and improve your score! You can also add comments, photos and videos to support your score, and exchange training tips and friendly banter with your fellow competitors via the challenge wall.

Is there a Konkura challenge for me?

Challenges can cover any type of skill, cardio, strength, speed, power, endurance: any activity that can have a score attached to it, or which can be voted for or rated by other people, can be turned into a challenge. If you can't find an existing challenge that suits you, simply create your own in moments and take on competitors around the world. Or create challenges that only you and your friends can enter, so you can motivate one another and have fun getting fitter together.

So what are you waiting for? Join now for FREE, find or create a challenge, tell your friends and start competing!

Find out more:

It's quick and easy to join or create challenges on Konkura, but if you'd like a demo, these walkthrough videos explain in detail how to take part in challenges or create your own:

Walkthrough of joining and competing in challenges

Walkthrough of creating new challenges