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Konkura FAQ

We have listed most common questions and useful tips. If you can't find something you are looking for contact our team and we will get back to you.

How does Konkura work?

  1. Any measurable physical activity can be the basis for a challenge.
  2. You can join challenges posted by other users, including ordinary fitness enthusiasts, fitness professionals, and organisations such as educational institutions, sports clubs, gyms and companies.
  3. You can also create your own challenges in moments to share your sport and fitness passions.
  4. Challenges can be open to all users, or just your friends on the site, so you can benchmark your performance against fellow competitors around the world, or create great fun challenges just to motivate you and your friends.
  5. To enter a challenge just do whatever it involves, enter your score and see where you rank in the leaderboard. Don't forget to post a photo or video if appropriate to prove your score, and add a comment about it. You can also exchange comments, banter and training tips with other users.
  6. You can attempt the challenge as many times as you like to improve your score and position on the leaderboard. Your score history is kept so you can see your improvement over time and compare it with the scores of other competitors.
  7. Each time you submit a challenge score, post a comment or make a friend, you are awarded k-points. The more challenges you attempt the more k-points you are awarded. The user with most k-points tops the overall competitor leaderboard.
  8. Your k-points also contribute to your country's ranking on Konkura, so you're doing your bit for national pride.

Who is Konkura for?

Konkura isn't just for serious athletes - anyone can find or create challenges to suit their fitness and ability levels, and find similar people to enjoy friendly competition with. All you need is a desire to get fitter and be the best you can be, and the tiniest bit of competitive spirit.

If you're the sort of person who can't help speeding up a little when they see someone running or cycling up ahead, or who can't resist sneaking a look at what weight other gym users are lifting, then this site is for you!

What are the challenges and how do I compete?

Challenges are the heart of Konkura - they're what we're all about! We believe that almost any activity can be made more fun and motivational if it's turned into a challenge and injected with a little friendly competition.

  • You find interesting challenges in various ways: by clicking on the Challenges tab and searching, or by spotting one that catches your interest on the homepage or another competitor's profile. There is a wide and fast-growing range of challenges on the site, but you can easily create your own challenge at any time.
  • Once you've found a challenge that interests you, do whatever it involves and keep track of your score.
  • When you've finished running, swimming, cycling, jumping, lifting or whatever else the challenge involves, simply return to the challenge page and click "Post Score" to record how you did and get ranked in the leaderboard
  • While you're updating your score you'll also be able to add a comment, and post relevant photos or videos. Photos and videos can be used to prove that you genuinely achieved your score, or just to show off!
  • Konkura is all about friendly competition and rivalry, so make sure you check out other competitors' scores and photos/videos. Feel free to make constructive comments, banter or exchange training tips via the leaderboard comments or the Challenge Wall, or by sending messages to your friends

What is a challenge leaderboard?

leaderboards on Konkura show your relative position versus other competitors in a specific challenge at any point in time.

Each competitor's entry is shown in the leaderboard, with positions 1, 2 and 3 highlighted with gold, silver and bronze medals. If the competitor has submitted video evidence or photographic evidence it will be displayed to the left of the score. On clicking on a specific competitor on the leaderboard, their video, photo or default profile picture will be displayed. If the competitor has submitted more than one video / photo to the challenge the latest one will be displayed in large format with previous videos in a smaller format beneath.

What are K-Points?

K-Points are an indication of how active a competitor is. You'll receive K-Points for joining and creating challenges, posting scores, photos, videos and comments, and engaging with the Konkura community.

You’ll also notice that the site awards you a member level based on your K-points, so as your K-points increase you’ll improve from Fitness Rookie, through various levels to the ultimate accolade of an All-Konkuring member.

Your K-Points will also contribute to your country's K-Point total as we try to find the fittest country in the world. Make sure you've set your country correctly in your profile, or you'll be contributing K-Points to somewhere else!

How much does it cost to use Konkura?

Absolutely nothing, Konkura is entirely free and will remain that way. How do we do it? Let's just say Team Konkura aren't driving round in fancy cars!

What does it mean to become 'friends' with someone on Konkura?

Sending a 'friend request' on Konkura means that you are opting to receive updates from that competitor when they join challenges, add new scores and update their status. If the competitor accepts your 'friend request' they will be displayed in your list of friends and you in theirs. Friends on Konkura should ideally challenge, compete, motivate and share with each other.

Who reads my status updates?

Your friends read your updates, and anyone else who comes across them in a search of the site or your profile. Your Konkura profile is public by default.

What is the minimum age I need to be to sign up and compete on Konkura?

In order to be eligible to sign up for Konkura, people must be 13 years of age or older. However, each specific challenge has an age range, set by the challenge creator, which must be abided by.

I am unable to sign into my account. What should I do?

First, please try to reset your password on this page. Contact us at team@konkura.com if you can't still log in.

I no longer want to use Konkura. How can I deactivate my account?

We are really sorry to hear that – is there anything we can do to change your mind? To deactivate your account, please send an email to team@konkura.com and a member of our team will arrange deactivation as soon as possible.

I appear to have 2 Konkura accounts, how can I delete one?

You can drop us an email at team@konkura.com and we'll look into the situation. You might have created an account by email, and then created a new account using facebook or twitter connect – this might prevent you being able to associate facebook and twitter with your current account – in this situation, drop us a note at the address above, and we can sort out the connections for you.

Is there a Konkura app?

Our Konkura app is currently being developed and will be available to download in 2013.

I'm a Personal Fitness Trainer. How can Konkura enhance my business model?

If you're a personal trainer, bootcamp instructor or other fitness professional; operate a health club or gym; or sell fitness equipment, sports nutrition or other sports goods, Konkura is a great way to engage with your clients and promote your business online:

  • create great challenges that showcase your services or brand
  • build stronger relationships with your clients and keep them motivated
  • help clients keep track of their improvement over time
  • encourage your clients to post online content that promotes you
  • give your clients challenges to share with friends, bringing you more business

You can create challenges for free in moments - simply join Konkura and start using it.

But in response to demand from fitness pros and sports brands we've recently added the Konkura Channel concept to help you promote your brand more effectively.

Request your own Personal Trainer Channel on konkura.com

Konkura.com guide for Personal Trainers (PDF)

How can I use Konkura at my Sports Club to motivate our training sessions?

If you're involved in a sports club or coach a team, Konkura can help you organise and motivate training by introducing friendly competition amongst club members.

You can create challenges based around a particular aspect of your sport - e.g. a specific skill or measure of performance. Or you can turn your entire weekly training programme into a challenge.

Find out more about motivating training by building training programs on konkura.com

How can we integrate the Konkura platform into our Gym or Health Club?

Use Konkura to create challenges for your clients, based around specific fitness or weight-loss goals, or around gym classes. Help make your clients' training more fun and motivational, increasing their enjoyment and helping you to recruit and retain clients.

Find out more about konkura.com working alongside your Gym or Health Club

I work for a charity. How can I use Konkura to help with fundraising activities?

Are you a charity that runs sports-related fundraising activities? Then Konkura can help by providing you with a platform to engage and enthuse your target audience through exciting sport, fitness or fun challenges.

How can konkura.com help my charity?


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