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Gyms and health clubs

Gyms and health clubs can use Konkura to create challenges for members to compete in across the chain, so your clients can find more people with similar interests to them.

Your clients can share your challenges with their friends, so Konkura acts as a recruitment tool. You can even set up fun challenges specifically to promote your health club or personal training services and recruit new clients.

Resident Fitness Professionals

If you're a personal trainer or fitness professional working in a gym or health club, Konkura can help make your clients' training more fun and motivational, increasing their enjoyment and helping you to recruit and retain clients.

You can use Konkura to create challenges for your clients, based around specific fitness or weight-loss goals, or around gym classes. By creating great challenges and encouraging friendly competition amongst your clients, you'll keep them motivated and help them see faster results - particularly if you set "homework" challenges between sessions or classes with you.

Also, by encouraging clients to form communities around common interests, you'll help them to build a support network of like-minded individuals who encourage and motivate one another. Challenges don't have to be for the super-competitive - you can create challenges for any activity or workout, including gentler ones where the competition takes second place to mutual support. When creating a challenge you can make it clear who should join, and you have the ability to remove anyone who joins your challenge who shouldn't, or who doesn't behave within the spirit of the challenge.


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Ian Worthington

if you're a gym or health club interested in creating branded challenges or even having a white-label version of the Konkura platform, Contact our resident expert Ian at ian@konkura.com