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Online Reviews

  • Ali Croft Personal Trainer

    Ali Croft Personal Trainer

    Konkura is a great online community for those who enjoy pushing themselves, and who enjoy having new challenges as motivation. Whatever your goal or sport, there will be something on the site for you to try
  • Astone Fitness

    Astone Fitness

    I highly recommend Konkura. It’s an exciting new way to get people out of a rut and make sports and exercise fun and engaging for all fitness levels. So, if you have even one little competitive bone in your body, I dare you to try Konkura.com
  • AvadeanLewis.com


    I encourage you to head on over to Konkura.com and check it out for yourself. It'll be fun and worth your time. You will meet new friends.
  • Bravo Fitness Solutions

    Bravo Fitness Solutions

    There are many ways to get friends and family members in on some good healthy competition. Trainers, challenge your clients. Clients challenge your trainers...Make sure to check it out!
  • damiendarby.wordpress.com

    Damien Darby fitness blog

    Fitness Revolution Needed and Konkura Answered! When it comes to creative online communities finding ways to get fit and healthy together, Konkura is truly one of the best. The world is our gym, we are all members, and through the digital realm we can celebrate our solidarity into thinner waist lines, lower body-fat percentages, and healthier smiles. For personal trainers like myself, this is a great site to get clients involved in. It helps me in the inspiration department, beefs up their initiative, and gives them something outside of the gym to engage in that keeps them on track towards their goals.
  • G Fitness Revolution

    G Fitness Revolution

    Whether you create your own challenges or just try out others', there is a lot to do on this site!
  • katmillar.com

    Kat Millar's fitness blog

    [Konkura] piqued my interest as I love anything to do with challenges! This site is particularly cool and there is a huge range of challenges to pick from...To me, it's not so much a case of trying to beat other people (although I understand many people are inspired by this), but more to know whether I need to raise my own personal bar. I like hearing stories of people's improvements to see what could be possible for me.
  • lovingfit.com


    [Konkura] is a website where people from all over the world share their fitness challenges and you compete against each other. Check it out, it's fun
  • Per Ardua Personal Training

    Per Ardua Personal Training

    [Konkura is] a very exciting, innovative and impressive new fitness website which I know all you fitness fanatics out there would love to be part of
  • Sean Vigue Fitness

    Sean Vigue Fitness

    Konkura is a great online community that brings people together to work toward their fitness
  • Ted Guice Fitness blog

    Ted Guice Fitness blog

    You'll find plenty of motivation, as well as being able to share your successes and stories with fellow Konkura members...There are all sorts of challenges to choose from and I urge you to check out this unique and useful site to find those that interest you most...And if you don't? Create your own and show the world what you've got!
  • Tiree Fitness

    Tiree Fitness

    Anybody wanting to test their mettle against fitness enthusiasts around the world should have a look at konkura.com...get your game face on and get signed up!
  • Trimarni

    Trimarni blog

    If you are a runner or triathlete, this is a great place to track your own progress and be inspired by others.

User Reviews

  • Profile: Andy Weaver

    Andy Weaver, California

    This site is good motivation. I've lost 30 pounds since I joined, my cholesterol went from 250 down to 170. I will definitely stick with it.
  • Profile: Bear

    Bear, Pennsylvania

    The challenges themselves are making me a stronger person and the competition keeps me motivated
  • Profile: Csmeredith

    CSMeredith, Oklahoma

    I'm a huge fan of the site. It has been a real blast finding fun challenges on here, the feeling of a competition with folks around the world has also helped me to drive my personal fitness levels up through some of the unique exercises on here.