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Profile: marien
Romania marien's profile
Fitness god
male, 61 years old, Judetul Brasov, Romania
Latest status: I just scored 300 in the marien's version of bicycle crunch (to failure) challenge (10:18 AM, 12 Mar 2017)

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The 10 Day Push-up Challenge (Intermediate to Advanced Fitness)
Position: 2, Score: 672.00
The 10 Day Push-up Challenge is aimed at competitors with a medium to high level of fitness and is a great way to tone and strengthen your chest, shoulders, triceps and torso area. The challenge invol...
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Chinese Wall Squat
Position: 2, Score: 141.00
Do you have any problem with overtraining, or fatigue, or simply a need to improve your health condition? This training will help you to solve your problem. Use this challenge to achieve your goal. ...
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most difficult Plank
Position: 1, Score: 02:10.00
How long can you continuously hold yourself in a lowered push-up position (see challenge photo for example). Your arms must be in a position where your forearm is at 90 degrees from your bicep. Your b...
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30 day sit up/push up/squat
Position: 1, Score: 30.00
Every day do the set amount of squats, sit ups and push ups, on every 3rd day you rest to help your body recover. Day Squats Situps Pushups 1 50 10 ...
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Position: 4, Score: 0.00
everyone has a sport they love so this will be a contest to see who else loves that sport too. post your favorite sport and a short video of it to help show everyone why it is so great The Konku...
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Grasshopper Push-Up Challenge
Position: 2, Score: 34.00
no rests are allowed, continue until failure. similar to the basic push up but ensure your elbows are always right next to your body essentially rubbing against your sides as you do the press.
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Legs Raised,Feet Together,Triangle Push Ups
Joined, awaiting score
1)Legs must be raised on a bench or chair. 2)Feet must be TOGETHER. 3)Get into push up position. 4)Make a Triangle with the Thumbs & Index Fingers. 5)Body must be in a STRAIGHT line. 6)Triangle c...
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Legs raised,Arms wide,Fist Push Ups
Joined, awaiting score
Legs raised (+- 1.5 feet high) Arms wide apart (3 Fists away from shoulder width) On your FISTS Body in a straight line. Chin must touch the ground. No resting at the TOP position. Can be done F...
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Walking Plank
Joined, awaiting score
How many walking planks can you do? (Up and down = 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EePC0_n6J4
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Position: 2, Score: 20.00
It works the ABS,(Rectus Abdominus). NB !! Videos are Not Needed. If your form is bad or you lie,then you are only deceiving YOURSELF. NB !! When lowering the legs & hands they must NOT touch the...
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Position: 1, Score: 201.00
This workout targets the Glutes(BUTTOCKS). Highest score wins. Follow instructions from URL. http://youtu.be/9hKsATwrmzY
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1 Leg in the AIR push ups
Joined, awaiting score
1)Raise both legs onto a chair 2)Now raise 1 LEG IN THE AIR 3)Arms to be 3 fists away from shoulder width 4)On your FISTS 5)Go close to the ground NB !No STOPPING at the top Highest number of pu...
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Longest Squat Hold
Position: 1, Score: 02:05.00
Get in a squat position, hands out in front and hold, that's it and it's harder than you think. It's a wall sit without the wall. Bend at the hip and squat until upper leg is parallel to ground. ...
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Glute Bridge Hold
Position: 1, Score: 08:02.00
How long can you stay in the Glute Bridge position for? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh1RAet3IKY
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The 10 Day Crunch Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
Following on from the Squat and Plank challenges comes 'The 10 Day Crunch Challenge' to get your abs in awesome condition. In this advanced challenge you complete 9 days of crunches for a set amount ...
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