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Profile: adam16660
Canada adam16660's profile
male, 21 years old, Hamilton
Latest status: I just scored 3 mins 29.0 secs in the The Bar Hang Challenge (09/11/2012 10:13 PM)

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Challenges 24

Position: 2, Score: 13.10
Run as far as you can! (add distance in miles)
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10 Second Speed Punch Challenge
Position: 11, Score: 76.00
Either with a punchbag, pads or just in the air, how many punches can you throw in 10 seconds? You don't need to do perfect jabs, but at least some arm extension is needed.
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Wall Sit
Position: 12, Score: 05:30.00
Test out the endurance of your legs with this exercise. Find a wall, slide down, and "sit" with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle for as long as you can. Be sure to film your attempt, it would ...
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Position: 43, Score: 25:00.00
Easy, how fast can you run 5km?
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The Mile Run Challenge
Position: 32, Score: 06:23.00
This challenge is open to anyone and everyone. Simply run one whole mile as fast as possible and record your time. Always warm-up before you workout.
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The Chair Dip Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
CHAIR DIP CHALLENGE is an event for everyone and their chair! Simple do as many chair dips as possible without pausing or stopping (video evidence required for validation). CHAIR DIP EXERCISE: Sit on ...
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The Ultimate Plank Test
Joined, awaiting score
How long can you continuously hold yourself in a lowered push-up position (see challenge photo for example). Your arms must be in a position where your forearm is at 90 degrees from your bicep. Your b...
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The Alternator
Joined, awaiting score
This challenge involves doing alternate wide grip and normal grip push-ups until failure. The highest number of continuous push-ups wins. Wide grip push-ups constitute hands positioned at right angles...
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Parrallel Leg Raise
Joined, awaiting score
Lie on your back, legs together and straight. Raise your legs so your ankles are 12 inches off the floor; Start the timer!! Also allowed to do it from a bench and keep your whole body in a straight l...
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100 Flights of Stairs Challenge
Position: 1, Score: 25:00.00
Challenge yourself to climb 100 flights of stairs (13 steps average per flight). This challenge can be done in any building with a stairwell. Only calculate the time used climbing stairs - pause your ...
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5 fingers push ups
Position: 8, Score: 16.00
1-get to push ups position. 2-body must be in a straight line from head to ankles. 3-do push ups on all finger tips Most continuous pushups wins.....
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300 push up as fast as you can
Position: 5, Score: 23:59.00
its simple just 300 push up as fast as you can ..make a world record in Kokura soon Konkura book will come out and will make you famous lol
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Wrist push up
Position: 5, Score: 21.00
1-get into push up position 2-turn palms inwards,finger tips facing each other 3-turn palms,inside facing up 4-body in straight line from head to toe NB:those with weak wrists don't attempt
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The Five Minute Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
Complete As Many Reps Of Each Exercise As Possible. You Have A Minute For Each Exercise And No Rest In Between. Add The Number Of Reps For Each Exercise Together For The Total. Anything Above 250 I...
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Push Ups In One Minute Challenge
Position: 68, Score: 57.00
How many push ups/press ups (depending what you prefer to call them) can you squeeze out in a single minute? NOT on your knees, proper full-blooded push-ups (although because this is a speed chall...
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