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male, 52 years old, Newport Beach My name is Andy, I am a banker specializing in SBA loans. Single dad to 2 great kids both very athletic and I want to be a role model for them. I was an avid runner in my 30's but got out of shape and sedentary in my 40's. In early 2010 I got my bloodwork checked and my Cholesterol was 250 and everything was bad. I decided to get in shape, Slowly started running with pull-ups (I could do two), pushups and a few other body weight workouts. I found Konkura in September 2010 and got hooked. At the time I started I was 180 pounds and was 145 pounds as a runner 10 years earlier. I did a challenge or more everyday, it was a way to make working out fun and competitive. Slowly I improved. After a year I was running decent and had lost 25 pounds. My improvement continued I have stayed focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and Konkura is a part of it. Avid golfer with no time to golf, former long distance runner. I now also enjoy scuba diving having recently completed 10 dives on a magical trip to Bora Bora. I have been doing crossfit since May 2013 in addition to running and it has really improved my strength. In September 2014 after 4 years on this site I had my bodyfat tested in a hydrostatic test (dunk tank). At 50 years old I now weigh a full 30 pounds more than the skinny runner I was in my 30's. At 175 pounds I have 4.2% body fat. I am strong, fast and have great endurance. I will keep pushing myself and hope to keep improving myself and challenging others on this site to do the same. I have attempted at least one challenge on this site every day for more than 4 years and it has made a huge improvement in my strength. Sick, tired, on vacation, busy.....no excuses, I do something physically challenging daily. Update as of 11/2015. I have been training hard for 9 months to set the Guinness world record for pull ups in 24 hours which is currently 4321. I do 3 big pullup days a week with at least one of those with weights (10-20#). I am averaging 1600 a week and my biggest day so far is 1100 in 3:00 minutes. I expect to be ready in the first quarter of 2017 and hope to do 5000. Update as of 2/1/2016. The record has been shattered and at 7700 is nearly double what it was. My training would get me to about 5000 but it has taken its toll on my lats and forearms so I decided to end the journey. Still committed to staying fit I will find new goals.
Latest status: I just scored 30 in the Squat yourself AND your bodyweight! challenge (04:41 AM, 24 Feb 2017)

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