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Profile: JoannaLangemannVillemere
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female, 51 years old, Actinolite I live in Ontario Canada. I own a business called Vital Light Therapies… i am a certified Reiki practitioner and do far infrared and reiki treatments. I have always loved alternative medicine and truly believe that with proper nutrition and using natural healing methods your body can heal itself if given the chance. i am living proof of that! here is my page https://www.facebook.com/vitallighttherapies I love yoga and running but i tend to get tendonitis in hamstrings from running, so i’m sticking to yoga for now. My interest and passion are in nutrition, mostly plant based nutrition… its all about keeping inflammation to a minimum.
Latest status: I just scored 420 in the The 30 Day Plank Challenge (02:12 AM, 31 Oct 2013)

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