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female, 30 years old, Municipiul Bucuresti, Romania Hi, my name actually is Otilia but I only respond to Ela in real life. I work in Online Marketing and have lots of online projects on my own, which I'm sure I'll be famous for one day. I'm very kind and sociable, I like people who see the bright side of life. I don't have much of a sports competitor spirit, but I'm trying to change that through challenging me to go beyond what I think are my limits. So wish me luck :) I am most keen of dancing but I never did finish any salsa courses I've taken along time. In school I was good at volleyball, and I still enjoy it but I rarely find someone to play with. I've recently discovered a love for aerobics at the gym. I try to go twice a week and do something different every time: tae bo, Pillates, stepper work out.. I also enjoy playing rollerblading, iceskating, ping-pong, cycling, swimming.. Sound like I do lots of sports, well not really, I am just slightly more active then your usual sit at the office all day employee. But hey, here I am, trying! :)
Latest status: Just created the From Handstand to Bridge challenge (04/02/2011 12:10 PM)

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